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Mincho  Georgiev
Mincho Georgiev
Prof. Dr. Mincho Georgiev worked at the Department of Social Medicine at the Medical Academy (1971-1991) and the Ethnographic Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1991-2010). He teaches at the Medical University - Sofia, New Bulgarian University. Professor Georgiev’s scientific interests are in the field of history and theory of medicine, medical and cultural anthropology. In recent years he was the author of "Word for word. Experience on the anthropology of ritual "(2002)," Psychological, ethical and social issues of medicine "(2006)," Introduction to Medical Anthropology "(2007)," Non-existent. Anthropological attempts "(2007) and "Ritual discourse "(2007). He is also the compiler and editor of the encyclopedic dictionaries "Bulgarian Folk Medicine" (1999) and "Mythology of the human body" (2008) and the volume "History of Bulgarian Medicine" (2009). "