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Garo  Mardirosyan
Garo Mardirosyan
Garo Mardirosyan was born in Sofia on October 10, 1944. He received his secondary education at the Lomonosov Model Technical School of Fine Mechanics and Optics. He worked at the Geophysical Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences from 1965 to 1979 as a technician, master specialist in scientific equipment, engineer, research associate and head of the Central Seismological Observatory. In 1980, in connection with the implementation of the National Space Program "Bulgaria -1300" he moved to work at the Institute for Space Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Since 1990 he has been a senior research associate on "Remote aerospace methods and tools for the study of the Earth and the planets, in ecology and economy." His main research interests are focused on the study of environmental disasters with ground (contact) and aerospace (remote) methods and hardware. One of the founders of the master's and doctoral program "Remote Aerospace Research" at the New Bulgarian University. Garo Mardirosyan is the author of over 80 scientific publications, about 60 scientific reports, 4 books, dozens of popular science articles and 24 patents for inventions. He has been an "Honorary Inventor" since 1982. He defended two doctorates in geophysics (1985 and 2000). Participates in the implementation of almost all significant national and international space projects with Bulgarian participation. In 1991, Mr. Mardirosyan was awarded a professorship and was accepted as a full member of the PWPA (Professors World Peace Academy - New York): "for his scientific, applied, inventive and promotional activities, and for merits in the democratization process." . In 1999 he was entered in the Golden Book of Bulgarian inventors and discoverers, and in 2000 - in the Encyclopedia "2000 most prominent scientists of the twentieth century", published by the Cambridge Biographical Center. In 2002, he won an international competition and was invited to work at the French National Research Center (CNRS) on the topic of remote sensing of the Earth's atmosphere, funded by the NATO Science Program. In 2003 he defended a dissertation for the degree of "Doctor of Technical Sciences". Since 2004 he has been Chairman of the General Assembly of Scientists, and since 2005 - Senior Research Fellow I degree at IKI - BAS and Chairman of the Scientific Seminar of the Section of Remote Sensing of the Earth. Prof. Mardirosyan has great merits for the creation and strengthening of the journal "Aerospace Research in Bulgaria", now a series of "Aerospace Research in Bulgaria", where since 1982 he has been Executive Secretary, and since 1996 - Deputy editor. "