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Vladimir  Georgiev
Vladimir Georgiev
Vladimir Georgiev graduated from the University of Mining and Geology ‘St Ivan Rilski’. In 1988 he received a PhD in Geology and Mineralogy. He has worked at GORUBSO, the Scientific Research Institute of Mineral Deposits, ‘Geology and Geophysics’ AD. Vladimir Georgiev has also been a part-time lecturer at the University of Mining and Geology. He has been an Associate Professor at the BAS Geological Institute ‘Prof. Strashimir Dimitrov’ since 2003. He carries out research work in Osogovo, the Central Rhodopes area and mainly in the Eastern Rhodopes. He took part in the regions’ geological mapping in 1994 – 2000. Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Georgiev’s research interests are regional geology, tectonics, volcanology and metallogeny. He has authored more than 70 scientific publications and has co-authored the monograph ‘Bulgaria’s Gold Deposits’.