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Mariya  Davcheva
Mariya Davcheva
Dr. arch. Maria Davcheva graduated in 1997 from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG). Since 2000 she has been a full-time doctoral student at the Center for Architectural Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In 2004 she received the scientific-educational degree "Doctor". Until 2010 she was a senior assistant at the Central Administration, and then at the Institute for the Study of the Arts. She is currently a lecturer at the Department of Interior and Design for Architecture at UACEG. She is the owner of the architectural studio Miodesign. Arch. Davcheva is the author of 12 scientific articles and studies, published in collections published by AI "Prof. Marin Drinov ”and the publishing house of IIizk. Another 13 popular science articles on architectural topics have found a place in the Bulgarian press, and in another 15 she is a co-author. With her reports on the problems of modern architecture she has participated in seven national and one international conference, the materials of which have been published in thematic collections. She is a curator and designer of five exhibitions (three at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and two at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and on the calendar of the Institute of Economics for 2011. In the period 2005-2012 she received five architectural awards and ten nominations from national competitions in team with arch. Orlin Davchev.