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Rozaliya  Biks
Rozaliya Biks
Rosalia Bix graduated in Theater Studies at NATFA “Kr. Sarafov ”and theoretical department in FTA P. Vladigerov ”. She entered the Institute of Art History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1959, where she still works today. She defended her doctoral dissertation in 1977 with the Bulgarian Opera until 1942. She has been a Doctor of Science since 1989 with a dissertation on "Bulgarian Opera Theater outside the capital". She is the author of numerous works, several encyclopedic editions, over 1500 publications related to the musical life and especially to the production and the problems of the Bulgarian opera theater. Member of the Management Board of BAS (until 1995), of the Management Board of the Boris Hristov International Foundation, of the Management Board of the International Competition for Young Opera Singers, etc. Founder and head of the Musical Theater section at the Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (since 1995). Initiator and leader of the team project of R. Biks, A. Yaneva, R. Karakostova and M. Tsenova - "Bulgarian Musical Theater", covering musical and stage art in Bulgaria - opera, ballet, operetta, musical.