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Stoicho  Panchev
Stoicho Panchev
Stoycho Panchev graduated Physics (Sofia University, 1956). Since then his career included: PhD (1959), Dsc (1965), assistant (1959), associate professor (1963), professor (1970), a corresponding member (1984), academician (1997), vice president of BAS (1988-1991). He specialized in: The Soviet Union (1962-1963, 1973-1974), USA (1967-1968), Japan. From 1959 to 2002 he worked at the Faculty of Physics at SU where he was: a president of a department (1974 1994), dean (1979-1983), lecturer in basic and specialist classes (common and dynamic meteorology, turbulence, the theory of chaos and so on) and an author of textbooks in them. He has directed many graduates and graduated PhD students (15). He conducts theoretical studies in a few scientific fields: geophysical hydrodynamics (turbulence, border strata, waves and so on), chaos theory, non-linear dynamics of natural and social phenomena, history of physics, etc. He created many physical mathematical specialized models of the studied phenomena and processes from the aforementioned fields. He is the author of more than 250 scientific papers and ten books in Bulgarian and foreign languages: “Accidental functions and turbulence” (1965, Russian 1967, English 1971, Chinese 1976, with Dimitrovska Award in 1972).; “Dynamic Meteorology“ (1981, English 1985); “Chaos Theory”(1996, 2001); “Fundamentals of atmospheric physics” (2003). He is a co-author of “Population dynamics and national security” (2005); “Social dynamics without formulas“(2008). He worked at the Institute of solar-earth forces-BAS (2002-2008). He has been a pensioner (since 2009). "